For Pregnant Women

Nancy from Madhavaram 8th Month

I saw Beten Yatsar program on Angel Tv It was a blessing to me and my fetus While Sadhu Iyya said lay your right hand on your womb and pray for your baby that time I too lay my hands on my womb. I felt different anointing as my baby was jumping with anointing at that time and I realized this baby might be a Warrior for God. After watching this program only I got this experience . Praise the Lord

Meena from Erode 7th Month

Praise the Lord. Thanks to Angel Tv to produce this new program for pregnant women. When I was watching this program I realized that this baby is not an ordinary baby but something special for God in these last days till 6 month s I never pray for the baby after watching this program. I knew how to pray for the baby with prophetic anointing and also in prayer time I felt that my baby was also receiving the anointing . Thanks to Angel TV.

Vijaya Rani from Kanyakumari 6th month

Last 2 months before I got many evil dream s from satan he said "I will destroy your baby", I got bleeding till 5th months I thought the baby might be destroyed that time. I was very afraid. I went to monthly check up and the baby is alive. I thank God and pray to God for the baby. One of my friends introduce this program for pregnant women. I saw one Friday. At that time sadhu Iyya was telling that no evil thinks will affect your baby because the angels are protecting your baby for he is going to be a prophet of God in this end time . After that I never felt afraid of anything. I keep on lay my hands on my stomach and confessing that you are a prophet of God. Thanks to Angel TV.

Hema from Bangalore 7th month

For the past 2 years I don’t have child blessing. One day I saw Anbarin sabtham in Angel TV. That time Ps. Stephen said "you are going to have a boy baby in this month". At that time I was praying for a baby with faith and in the same month I got conceived. I praise God . when I was watching the Beten Yatsar program in Angel TV I too felt that the anointing my baby was kicking me very badly. That time I thought my baby was also receiving the anointing. Thanks to Angel TV.

Mumtha from Vellore 2nd month

For the past 4 yrs I don’t have child blessing. One day I was watching this new program for pregnancy women, who where all laying hands on their stomach and prayed for the baby to get prophetic anointing. At that time I too lay my hands on my stomach. But I was not conceived at that time. I confess "if you give me a child I will dedicate the child to you for a martyr" and I prayed with great faith. God listened my prayer. Now I am conceived and this is my second month of pregnancy. Praise the Lord and thanks to Angel TV and Sadhu Iyya.

Selva Rani from thirupur 8th Month

The Beten Yatsar program was really a blessing to me and my baby, when Sadhu iyya said "now your baby is receiving the anointing of John as how he jumped in the womb of Elizabeth. Same like that you are also receiving it. That time my baby also jumped with that anointing. After this program I was speaking with the baby that "you are a prophet of God ,Warriors of God and martyr of God". Thanks to Angel TV for the new program.

Sagunthala from Chithur 3rd Month

Praise the Lord. After my marriage I got 2 times abortion. I am so disappointed. One day night Sadhu Iyya came in my dream and promised through the Bible verse of Isa 66:9. And then I went for checkup. It was positive. Praise God . Now I am in the 3rd month of pregnancy and also I am watching the Beten Yatsar program without fail. It was a blessing to me. kindly pray for me. Thanks to Sadhu Iyya.


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